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How Much do Retractable Screens Cost in Orlando?

Retractable Screens Cost in Orlando

How Much Retractable Screens in Orlando Cost

Living in sunny Orlando, you know how important it is to block out the glaring rays. Retractable screens are a great solution – they provide shade and insect protection while allowing airflow and the ability to enjoy the outdoors. If you’re considering installing retractable screens on your home or business in Orlando, you’re probably wondering about the cost. Here’s a look at factors affecting pricing for retractable screens in Orlando. The average cost to install can be anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000+ , depending on certain factors. We will discuss why the price changes and what influences it.

Type of Screen Material

One of the most significant factors in retractable screen pricing is the type of material the screen is made from. The most affordable option is fiberglass screen material. It’s lightweight and effective at keeping bugs out while letting air flow through. Polyester is another common material – it’s fade and tear-resistant. Solar shade fabrics like sunscreen mesh block heat and glare while maintaining views for a premium screen with enhanced visibility. The material affects durability, visibility, and overall cost.


Fiberglass is the most affordable retractable screen material. It comprises finely woven glass fibers that create a flexible, durable screen mesh.

Typical pricing:

Fiberglass retractable screen material ranges from $3-$7 per square foot installed. Basic manual systems with fiberglass can start around $25 per square foot. More complex motorized systems generally start around $35 per square foot.


  • Lightweight – Easy to operate and retract
  • It provides reasonable outward visibility
  • Allows air to flow through the fine mesh
  • Very effective at keeping insects out
  • Budget-friendly compared to other screen materials


  • Less durable than polyester or solar shade fabrics
  • Subject to tearing if pets or kids scratch or pull on the screen
  • Can sag over time as the fibers stretch
  • Needs replacement every 4-7 years

Fiberglass is best suited for manual retractable screen systems. The lightweight material retracts easily by hand crank and can span openings 14-16 feet wide. The fine mesh provides crisp outward visibility and excellent bug protection.

However, fiberglass is prone to tearing from pets, kids, or weather. And the material will eventually sag after some years in the Florida sun and humidity. Replacement fiberglass screen mesh costs around $2 per square foot.

For Orlando homeowners who want an affordable retractable screen option without sacrificing views, airflow, or bug protection, fiberglass is an excellent choice despite its shorter lifespan. Proper maintenance and operation will help fiberglass screens last as long as possible before needing replacement.

Vinyl Coated Polyester

Vinyl-coated polyester is a popular retractable screen material with enhanced durability and longevity. It features a woven polyester mesh coated with a protective vinyl layer.

Typical Pricing:


Vinyl-coated polyester screens have an installed price of $8-$12 per square foot. Complete retractable screen systems with this material often start around $45 per square foot for manual and $55 per square foot for motorized.

● Withstands sun, rain, wind, and other weather

● Resists tearing, fraying, and sagging much better than fiberglass

● Easy to clean by just spraying off dirt

● It provides apparent, crisp outward visibility


● More expensive than bare fiberglass

● Can discolor or mildew without proper care

● Vinyl can become brittle and crack over time

The vinyl coating gives polyester screens up to 2-3 times the lifespan of fiberglass. The material holds up well in sun, heat, and humidity. It won’t sag or tear easily, even with pets and kids.

Proper maintenance is required to keep the vinyl clean, flexible, and mildew-free in Orlando’s climate. The vinyl needs to be treated with cleaners and conditioners occasionally.

For those wanting retractable screens that stay crisp and tight for years, vinyl-coated polyester is worth the additional investment over bare fiberglass. The visibility and airflow match fiberglass, while the vinyl protection layer dramatically enhances durability.

Solar Shade Mesh

Solar shade mesh uses innovative fabric technology to block heat and glare while maintaining visibility. This premium screen material can significantly reduce solar heat gain.

Typical Pricing:

Solar shade retractable screens have an installed price of $12-$18 per square foot. Complete systems with solar mesh typically start around $60 per square foot.


  • Reduces temperature by up to 15° F by blocking solar radiation
  • Provides glare-free outward visibility
  • Durable material resists sagging, tearing, and fraying
  • Opaque exterior appearance for privacy


  • The most expensive retractable screen material
  • It can distort views looking inside during the daytime
  • Limited color options – usually black or gray

Solar shade mesh contains microscopic layers and fibers engineered to block UV rays while allowing visible light through. This keeps interiors cooler and eliminates glare.

The tradeoff for the high-tech material is the premium cost. Solar mesh can be 2-3 times more expensive than bare fiberglass or polyester screens. It also limits interior daytime views.

Solar mesh retractable screens are worth the investment for Orlando homeowners dealing with intense sun. By reducing heat gain and glare, solar shades can cut air conditioning costs and make outdoor spaces more comfortable during hot, sunny weather.


Retractable screens can either be manually operated or motorized. Motors add convenience but increase costs.

Manual Operation

Manually operated retractable screens that use a hand crank or spring roller are the most affordable option.

Typical pricing:

  • Hand crank systems: $25-$35 per square foot installed
  • Spring roller screens: $30-$40 per square foot installed

Pros of manual operation:

  • Lower material costs than motorized
  • Straightforward installation labor
  • Less chances of mechanical failure

Cons to consider:

  • Hand-cranking screens over 100 sq ft can be physically taxing
  • Not convenient for older people or disabled
  • Spring rollers wear out and need replacement over time

Hand crank and spring roller systems provide an economical option for smaller screen sizes. Screens up to 120 square feet can typically be managed with a hand crank, depending on the material weight. The simple mechanisms are easy to operate and maintain.

Larger screens may still be manually operated, but the cranking becomes more difficult. Wider screens also require more clearance for the hand crank mechanism.

While manual systems are more affordable upfront, the convenience of motorized operation often makes the added cost worthwhile for most homeowners. But if your screens will be smaller or budget is a primary factor, non-motorized can be a suitable retractable screen choice.

Motorized Operation

Adding a motor to automate retractable screens offers convenience and flexibility but increases the overall system cost.

Typical pricing:

  • Motorized systems start around $55 per square foot installed
  • Motoring costs add $8-$12 per square foot
  • Labor is also higher for motorized screens

Pros of motorization:

● Push button and remote convenience

● Allows automation features like sun sensors

● Easy operation for large screens over 120 sq ft

● Range of control options like wall switches

Cons to consider:

● Motors and electronics increase the chance of problems

● More complex installation and wiring

● Higher upfront cost than manual systems

Motors are recommended for screens more significant than 12 feet wide or 100 square feet of total coverage. This allows easy operation at the touch of a button. Key motor features:

  • Power – Somfy tubular motors are ultra-reliable and quiet.
  • Controls – Remotes, wireless wall switches, smartphone apps.
  • Sensors – Automatic retraction when the sun is detected.
  • Integration – Connect with home automation systems.
  • Warranty – Motors often have at least five-year warranties.

Though motorized systems come at a higher initial price, their functionality and convenience make them the best choice for most homeowners. They allow easy automation through features like remote controls, sun sensors, and home integration.

Typical Pricing

Average pro-installation costs:

● Basic manual screens – $400-$600 per screen

● Motorized screens – $600-$900 per screen

● Complex multi-screen projects – $2,000+

Get estimates from retractable screen installers based on your specific project scope. The installation labor represents a significant portion of your total costs.


Retractable screen prices in Orlando range from $25 per square foot for basic manual systems to $60 per square foot for motorized screens with upgraded materials and features. Exact costs depend on the factors above. Work with retractable screen specialists like Bay Breeze Retractable Awnings & Screens to get accurate quotes for your property. Our team provides quality screens, motors, and service in Orlando. Contact us today to start your quote!

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