Retractable Awnings Orlando

2024 Complete Guide to Retractable Awnings in Orlando, FL

Retractable Awnings in Orlando fl

2024 Complete Guide to Retractable Awnings in Orlando, FL

Are you considering installing new retractable awnings to enhance your Orlando, FL, outdoor living space? This comprehensive guide covers everything homeowners need to know – from types of patio awning systems to installation costs, warranty factors, and tips for choosing the right local dealer. Read on to learn the many benefits retractable screen awnings near Orlando provide over other shade options.

What are Retractable Awnings?

Retractable patio awnings utilize sturdy metal frames with durable fabric coverings that manually or automatically roll out to provide customized sun protection shutters over your deck, patio, or pool area. The covering rolls back into a neat, protective housing enclosure when not needed.

Unlike permanently fixed covers, retractable awnings allow flexible control over how much shade extends over your outdoor space at any given moment. These are highly recommended. Homeowners can manually adjust them incrementally as the sun moves to block direct light only where needed.

Motorized versions take flexibility even further – just push a button or use a remote to control awning coverage based on the day’s conditions. Units with smart home connectivity even integrate with voice assistants for hands-free control!

Top Reasons to Install Retractable Awnings in Orlando

Are you looking for a retractable awning? Beyond basic sun coverage, state-of-the-art retractable awnings solve several needs for Orlando area homeowners:

Beat the Heat!

Central Florida’s blazing rays and hot temps make relaxing on your patio nearly impossible without sufficient shade. Retractable awnings provide customizable coverage to cut sunlight only where needed and keep outdoor spaces comfortably cooler in central Florida.

Protect Against Skin Damage

Harmful UVA/UVB rays also cause major skin damage and increase skin cancer risks. Special awning fabrics filter over 98% of these dangerous rays to let you enjoy fresh air without safety worries.

Reduce Energy Bills

Shading your home’s doors, windows, and patio areas also significantly reduces solar heat gain indoors. With a cooler household, thanks to external shade coverage, you’ll also enjoy lower electricity bills since your AC doesn’t need to run as much.

Enhance Property Value

Attractive motorized retractable awnings boost your home’s curb appeal with a beautiful roof while expanding usable square footage. This increased functionality for entertainment and outdoor living also drives up resale value.

Weather the Elements

Properly engineered patio awning systems hold up well against Central Florida’s heavy wind, rain, and storms when installed correctly. Just roll them away into their protective coverings as severe weather approaches!

Manual vs. Motorized: Choosing the Right System

The two main options to consider are manual and motorized functionality:

  • Manual Awnings require homeowners to physically crank an articulating handle set into the housing to open and close the system. Typically costing $1000-$2500 plus installation, depending on size, these basic units lend themselves well to smaller spaces like balcony covers.
  • Motorized Awnings utilize electric motors, allowing remote-control shade adjustment at the push of a button. Pricing for Orlando Motorized ranges from $4000 to $7000 plus installation. Beyond remote controls, advanced options integrate with smart home and voice assistant systems for app and voice-commanded control convenience.

While manual versions save on cost, the vast majority of today’s systems install motorized patio awning functionality since convenience is a big factor for most homeowners. If debating between manual and motorized capabilities, carefully consider your budget, patio size, and convenience priorities for authority home solutions. You can use your precious time on your patio awnings selection for complete satisfaction. Always choose a sunshade awning company with excellent customer service that can help you choose from simple awnings, solar screens for protection from harmful UV rays, rolling solar screens, or any motorized screens.

Popular Styles of Orlando Awnings

Retractable systems and awnings have come a long way in various hardware styles to match the architecture and layout of different homes:

Drop Arm Awnings

Also known as straight awnings, these feature transverse front bars that fully cover openings when extended. Affordable and versatile for small patios or awnings, this style works for new horizons.

Casement Awnings

Casement (or sidearm) awnings utilize outward folding arms well-suited along walls with limited clearance. These take advantage of narrow installation footprints and specialize in high-quality nationwide.

Bahama Awnings

Featuring rearward sloping covers, Bahama awnings angle downwards to provide shade for your home or business while allowing breezes to flow underneath. Ideal for larger gathering areas.

Pergola Systems

Pergola awnings incorporate an open-air canvas or metal grid above for partial shade. These still allow ambient lighting while defining functional zones.

Determine the optimal type based on your home’s layout, patio area, and intended awning uses.

Key Purchasing Considerations

Keep the following factors in mind when buying retractable patio awnings in Orlando:

  • Installation Area – The size, shape, and location of the installation area dictate which awning types work best. Spend more time while selecting the company before you request a free quote.
  • Control System – Evaluate the convenience benefits of motorized remote-controlled units with telescoping arms vs. manual crank systems along with budget to save money.
  •  Framework – Powder-coated aluminum withstands the elements. Ensure thorough weather treatment.
  • Fabric – Look for durable woven acrylic or polyester material with UV resistance, fade protection, and water repellency.
  •  Pitch – Choose an awning pitch that allows sufficient rain runoff based on placement. You can also ask your builder for these options.
  • Wind Rating – Verify awnings withstand 110+ MPH winds or higher to handle Florida weather.
  • Warranties – Reputable dealers stand behind frame and fabric warranties exceeding ten years

Thoughtful choices in each area result in smooth, trouble-free operation for years.

Average Installation Costs in Orlando

Typical price ranges to install residential retractable awnings in Orlando run when you go retractable according to the style of your home or building:

Manual Awnings

  • Smaller (up to 12′ width) – $1200 – $2000
  • Medium (12′ – 20′ width) – $2000 – $3500

Motorized Awnings

  • Smaller (up to 12′ width) – $3500 – $5000
  • Medium (12′ – 20′ width) – $5000 – $8000

Costs vary based on width/projection, custom fabrication needs, wiring, etc. Reputable dealers provide free estimates detailing your exact specifications in a timely manner. You can contact us today for your needs as we are a premier veteran-owned company with an LLC in Orlando, having ranked in the top 10 on Yelp for the past three years.

Keys to Choosing a Good Orlando Awning Company

Be sure to select an experienced local awning installer with different types of projects completed:

  • Strong attention to detail during site evaluations
  • Capability confirming appropriate wind load ratings
  • Knowledge addressing any HOA requirements
  • Samples demonstrating durable, UV-resistant fabrics
  • Thorough installation price quotes with breakdowns
  • Documentation of licensing, bonding, and insurance coverage
  • Manufacturer certifications -BBB Accreditation and positive online reviews

Doing diligence identifies the most qualified dealer to advise, fabricate, and install a retractable patio awning system your family can enjoy for decades.

Recap – Key Benefits of Motorized Retractable Patio Awnings

  • Provide customized shade coverage you easily adjust via remote control
  • Block over 98% of harmful UV radiation.
  • Cut electricity bills by reducing indoor heat gain.
  • Expand outdoor living space to enjoy more.
  • Enhance curb appeal and resale value.
  • Stay resilient against wind, rain, and other weather events.
  • Last for decades when properly manufactured and installed.

Bring cool comfort, convenience, and aesthetic appeal to your Orlando outdoor living areas with custom retractable shading solutions!

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