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5 Reasons to Install Retractable Screens in Orlando

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5 Reasons to Install Retractable Screens in Orlando, FL


For homeowners in Orlando, FL, outdoor living is a significant part of enjoying our beautiful weather year-round. From pool decks to lanais to porches, creating versatile outdoor spaces allows us to experience true indoor/outdoor living. However, the Florida climate also brings annoying biting insects like mosquitoes and no-see-ums that make it difficult to relax and entertain outdoors. Retractable screens in Orlando provide an appealing solution – protecting people from bugs while allowing fresh air and natural light.

Retractable screens, disappearing neatly into housings when not needed, allow unobstructed views and easy access in and out of spaces. Also called phantom screens, they provide protection only when you want it while preserving your home’s aesthetics. Retractable screens in Orlando offer significant benefits over regular fixed screens if you’re considering installing new screening for your doors or windows. Read on as we share the top five reasons homeowners should install these innovative screens from Bay Breeze in Orlando, FL!

1. Add Beauty and Style to Your Home

  • Home design trends are increasingly focused on seamless indoor/outdoor living spaces. Large windows, multi-slide doors, and an open floor plan blend interior and exterior areas beautifully. However, traditional fixed insect screens detract from those nice, clean lines and unobstructed views. Fortunately, retractable screen systems provide insect protection and privacy while maintaining your home’s beautiful aesthetics.
  • Retractable, phantom screens roll down when needed and disappear when you don’t. Housings built specially for each opening have slim profiles that mount flush along window frames and door tracks. Streamlined and architectural, the housings come in neutral colors like black and white or finish colors like bronze that blend with any style. The screens are virtually invisible when retracted, showing stunning garden views without interference.
  • Unlike old-school screenings that obscure daylight and clash with modern décor, sleek phantom screens deliver function without sacrificing form. When closed, the reinforced vinyl mesh keeps even tiny insects out while letting diffused light in. Specialty fabrics are available, like solar screens that filter excessive heat and glare. Retract the customized screens to highlight beautiful windows and door systems that connect your interior to exterior living areas.
  • With crisp lines and minimal visual disruption, retractable screens accentuate openings rather than covering them up. And the screens intelligently close only when protection from insects or privacy from onlookers is needed. Maintain your home’s aesthetics with this intelligent approach to screening from Bay Breeze. Their Phantom brand retractable systems are designed to enhance, not take away from, your view.

2. Maximize Your Indoor/Outdoor Living

Retractable screens are the ultimate flexible solution for creating versatile spaces seamlessly between indoor and outdoor areas.

Enjoy Fresh Air Without Bugs

  • Want to open your windows or patio doors to let in fresh air but don’t want bugs to come inside? This is a constant battle for homeowners in Florida’s warm climate. Tiny biting insects like mosquitos, no-see-ums, and flies take advantage of open doors and windows and invade our homes. This leaves you choosing between breathing stuffy indoor air or letting in pests.
  • Retractable phantom screens are the solution to let you enjoy the best of both worlds – fresh air ventilation without the bugs! Here’s how they work – phantom screen mesh is made of finely woven yet durable vinyl that keeps out even small biting insects like gnats. So mosquitos and flies can’t get into your home when your screens are lowered in doorways or windows. Yet the transparency of the mesh still allows sunlight, airflow, and visibility of views from the inside.
  • Have your patio doors open to inviting breezes without unexpected creepy crawly visitors getting past your protective screens. Screened windows can let cross breezes thoroughly ventilate your home while external insects are physically blocked from entering. Take advantage of Florida’s beautiful weather while keeping you safe from annoyance by biting bugs eager to share the outdoors!
  • With easy, reliable insect protection, retractable screens create livable outdoor spaces accessible from pest invasions when enjoying fresh air ventilation. You’ll spend more time out on your lanai relaxing if tiny insects can’t bother you there. Protect your indoor spaces from flies and mosquitos without obstructing sunlight and view outdoors with retractable phantom screens from Bay Breeze. Open your home to fresh breezes without the bugs!

Create an Unobstructed Connection

  • Innovative door systems like multi-slide and bi-fold styles stunningly open rooms to seamless connections with outdoor living areas. Large expanses of glass panels fold neatly out of the way, transforming walls into beautiful open entryways. But when traditional fixed screened doors are added, sudden obstructions appear. There goes your gorgeous, unhindered view!
  • Retractable phantom screens solve this problem beautifully. They function the same way as the advanced door systems they complement – retracting out of sight when an open connection is desired between interior and exterior spaces. Streamlined housings are discretely installed overhead, with slim screens rolling down only when protection from insects is needed.
  • Picture windows, French doors, or full-wall sliding panels that fully open to your lanai or patio can maintain crystal clear sightlines without dark screens dulling the view. Keep your indoor living room brightly lit with sunlight and visually connected to your outdoor areas. Raise the screens for entertaining guests across a seamless transition to the pool deck or patio. Then lower again when pesky mosquitos arrive, and you want to contain them outside.
  • Because phantom retractable screens are so slim and transparent, even when lowered into openings, you barely notice them. Multi-slide door panels can stack open while the retractable screen stays in place to allow fresh airflow without giving bugs access. Relax outdoors without obstructions impeding views in either direction, thanks to the crisp clarity of Bay Breeze’s state-of-the-art vinyl mesh. Maintain open connections from inside rooms to outside living areas with easy up-down functionality.

3. Use Your Outdoor Living Areas More

  • Outdoor rooms expand living space and allow you to immerse in nature from home. Well-designed porches, patios, pool decks, and lanais blend indoors and outdoors while giving access to fresh air and sunshine. But Florida’s notorious biting insects often hinder our ability to utilize these spaces fully. Tiny no-see-ums quickly fly through the traditional screen mesh, while mosquitos invade anytime a door opens. This usually leaves outdoor areas empty – too uncomfortable to occupy.
  • Phantom retractable screens transform patios and porches into usable, bug-free zones. Protect outdoor sofas and dining sets from winged pests who want to join you. Create an attached screened space off your living room by installing retractable systems on patio doors. Now, you can slide doors open to let in fresh air while lowering the screens to prevent insects from entering your home. With protective barriers that descend only when wanted, suddenly, an outdoor oasis exists for authentic indoor-outdoor living!
  • Entertain friends on your new luxurious pool deck without getting bitten alive by mosquitos thanks to simple, effective insect blocking. The transparent premium-grade mesh keeps out Florida’s tiniest biting bugs so you can comfortably immerse in nature. Use your outdoor areas more often with versatile protection from Phantom Screens by Bay Breeze. Their retractable systems make spaces that were previously too exposed to biting bugs enjoyable. Relax outdoors in true comfort!

4. Give Yourself Options for Entertaining

Retractable phantom screens create flexible spaces for all your party hosting needs.

Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Entertaining

  • Florida’s temperate climate means we can entertain guests comfortably outside much of the year. But the wrath of biting insects often sends parties retreating indoors. Retractable phantom screens create versatile spaces to host events seamlessly across indoor and outdoor areas.
  • With sleek screens from Bay Breeze descending from overhead tracks or rolling down in door frames, your patio, lanai, or pool deck transforms into usable insect-free zones. Prepare food inside without flies buzzing around the kitchen thanks to windows protected by tightly woven mesh. Serve drinks and hor d’oeuvres out on the screened lanai while guests mingle across open doorways unobstructed by dark screens. The transparent vinyl panels provide discreet boundaries, keeping mosquitos at bay while allowing views and airflow.
  • Then gather everyone outdoors in your new favorite dining spot, the fully outfitted pool lounge now free of annoying bugs wanting to crash your party! Enjoy al fresco meals under sunset skies, protected from rainstorms by durable weather-resistant mesh overhead. Entertain guests across multiple rooms without concerns over bothersome pests infringing thanks to adaptable screens only where needed. With the freedom to configure your event spaces flexibly to any layout, retractable systems ensure comfort for seamless celebration from the inside out!
  • The crisp, transparent premium screens provide just enough separation from Florida’s biting bugs to make outdoor entertaining enjoyable. There is no need to cram indoors or end parties early when phantom screens effortlessly contain pesky mosquitos at every gathering!

Weatherproof Your Events

● Florida’s weather is famously unpredictable, with raging storms that appear unexpectedly. Fickle weather ruins many carefully planned backyard barbeques and pool parties. But retractable screens protect the show to keep it going – come rain or shine!

● Phantom Screens by Bay Breeze are fortified from industrial-grade materials to withstand anything nature wants to throw at them. The tightly woven mesh keeps out even tiny insects seeking to crash your outdoor celebrations. Yet the transparent panels also shelter your event from the blazing midday sun, light rains, and gusty winds.

● Integrated solar screen fabrics filter over 50% of intense UV rays that ruin parties with overheated, sweat-drenched guests desperate for shade. Cool your outdoor areas by over 15 degrees to enjoy your patio or lanai even during extreme heat. Unlike fixed screens that block airflow on steamy days, retractable systems encourage cross breezes to reduce temperatures.

● The durable construction stands up to stormy weather when you need overhead protection from the elements quickly. Blustery conditions won’t blow your screens away, while vinyl material repels rainfall so gatherings stay dry. Feel confident hosting in your outdoor spaces anytime, knowing industrial-strength screens guard against inclement weather. Protect guests and furnishings while extending event flexibility with phantom screens from Bay Breeze, sheltering you year-round!

Lower Energy Costs

● Homeowners across Florida cringe when their power bills arrive mid-summer. Blasted 24/7 to combat the extreme heat and humidity, air conditioning units guzzle enormous amounts of electricity to maintain livable indoor temperatures. Not only are astronomical energy bills financially draining, but they take heavy tolls on the environment from resource consumption and emissions.

● Retractable solar window screens provide a simple solution to lower cooling costs naturally by blocking intense heat from entering rooms. Unique solar mesh fabrics filter over 50% of solar radiation from blistering sun rays directly through the glass. Window screens take the brunt of temperature extremes rather than overworked AC units fighting uphill battles. Reduced heat ingress keeps interior spaces significantly cooler without energy-intensive air cooling needed.

● An added benefit is protected furnishings that degrade from constant direct sunlight—fading and cracking damage leather sofa seating and hardwood floors when intense UV beams shine through untreated windows. With solar phantom screens diffusing sunlight, expensive furnishings last years longer.

● Contact Bay Breeze to discuss equipping your home against heat and glare with retractable screens customized to filter sunlight on hot exposures. Take the pressure off home cooling systems and monthly budgets while upholding interior comfort and aesthetics. Guard against rising energy costs and furnish fading with climate-controlled protection that pays for itself!

Enjoy Panoramic Views

  • Orlando homes often showcase beautiful scenic vistas around the lush landscapes of Central Florida. But traditional screening with metal mesh ruins eye-catching views with dark, obscuring barriers. Enjoy crystal-clear visibility through windows and doors protected by retractable screens instead!
  • Made from transparent, durable vinyl, these innovative screening systems protect insects without sacrificing panoramic outlooks. Crisp, see-through mesh maintains visibility of treetop stretches and water features. Experience sunset colors burst across the horizon through screens designed for optimum clarity. Unwind by taking in superior scenery from your outdoor oasis, minus the annoyance of biting bugs trying to share the space!
  • Upgrade fixed screens to barely visible yet protective retractable systems for unhindered exposure to Orlando’s natural beauty from indoors. Contact Bay Breeze to safeguard your home’s stunning vistas with phantom screens for a world-class view!


Retractable screens keep out biting insects and provide privacy, airflow, and style to homes in the Orlando area. Homeowners who install phantom screens can better enjoy indoor/outdoor living year-round. With sleek contemporary styling preferred by designers, retractable screens disappear when not needed for unobstructed views and light. Control privacy, ventilation, and protection from pests by lowering these versatile screens only when desired.

If you’re ready to upgrade your outdoor spaces with retractable screens, the experts at Bay Breeze can help select durable Phantom Screen brand systems sized perfectly for your home. Contact Bay Breeze today for a free estimate on installing retractable screens, doors, or windows! With phantom screens installed by Bay Breeze, you can fully enjoy outdoor living in the beautiful Central Florida weather.

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