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Central Florida Motorized Retractable Screens in Orlando, FL – Buy Retractable Screen Orlando Homes

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Central Florida Motorized Retractable Screens in Orlando, FL – Buy Retractable Screen Orlando Homes

Are you considering enhancing your outdoor living space with a retractable screen? Looking to transform your outdoor living space into an oasis that your family and house guests will love for years to come? Read on to learn all about motorized retractable screens and how they can elevate your outdoor enjoyment right here in Florida.

Enhance Your Outdoor Lifestyle with Motorized Screens from Bay Breeze Retractable: A Must-Have for Central Florida Homes

If you’re looking to expand your home and create an inviting outdoor living area in the Central Florida climate, retractable screens offer an appealing solution. Motorized retractable screens allow homeowners to enjoy their porch, patio, balcony, or lanai while controlling sunlight, UV rays, visibility, insects, and more at the touch of a button. There are many benefit to installing retractable screens in Orlnado.

Retractable screens from Bay Breeze Retractable, conveniently located in Winter Park near Orlando, offer a variety of mesh options to match your needs. Whether you want shade from the glare of the sun, protection from bugs and pests, or privacy from neighbors, retractable screens can make your outdoor living space everything you want it to be. The motorized functionality allows you to extend or retract the screens at will, creating a seamless indoor-outdoor experience.

Many restaurants, hotels, and other businesses in Greater Orlando utilize motorized retractable shades to enhance comfort and ambiance outdoors. For your home, custom outdoor retractable screens from Bay Breeze Retractable are designed to perfectly fit your space, style, and budget.

If you’re looking to expand your home and create an inviting outdoor living area protected from the Central Florida climate, retractable screens are a must-have addition to protect against harmful UV rays and enhance your home. Call or visit us today to learn more!

Retractable Screens for Orlando and all of Central Florida

Bay Breeze Retractable offers retractable screens ideal for the Central Florida climate, whether you live in Orlando, Winter Park, Oviedo, Kissimmee, Lakeland, or surrounding areas. Our screens provide protection from sun glare, UV rays, insects, and nosey neighbors while allowing you to still enjoy views of your outdoor space.

The motorized functionality of our screens allows you to control them with the push of a button. Extend them when you want shade or privacy, and easily retract them when not needed. This flexibility makes retractable screens a popular choice over permanent screens that can obstruct views.

We offer a variety of mesh types, colors, and mounting options to match your needs and home aesthetic. Contact us for a free estimate on installing high-quality retractable screens on your Orlando area porch, patio, balcony, or lanai!

Motorized Retractable Screens

Motorized retractable screens operate with the simple push of a button to extend or retract the screen. This allows for effortless control over your outdoor environment.

Retract the screens to keep them out of sight when not needed, and extend them when you want privacy, shade from sunlight and UV rays, and protection from insects and other pests. Motorized functionality makes retractable screens far more convenient than manual screens.

Motorized retractable screens can be mounted to surround overhead structures like covered patios and lanais, or vertically for large openings including porches and garages, to create an outdoor living space that’s both comfortable and stylish. They are available in a wide selection of mesh types and colors to match any aesthetic.

Add convenience and versatility to your outdoor living area with Orlando motorized retractable screens and create an outdoor space that’s perfect for relaxing and entertaining. Contact the experts at Bay Breeze Retractable to learn more and receive a free estimate on how to protect your home and create an inviting outdoor space with our screens.

Motorized Retractable Awnings

In addition to screens, Bay Breeze Retractable offers motorized retractable awnings ideal for the Florida climate. These awnings provide shade and protection from rain and UV rays while adding aesthetic appeal.

Retractable awnings can cover your home’s windows, doors, patio, balcony and more. With just the click of a button, the awning extends to provide shade and retracts neatly out of sight when not needed.

Motorized awnings are more affordable than permanent covers and canopies while offering superior protection from sun glare and inclement weather. They provide UV protection with the ability to still enjoy open-air views when retracted.

Contact Bay Breeze Retractable to learn about motorized retractable awning options for your Central Florida home!

Contact Us To Buy Retractable Screen Systems

Are you ready to enjoy your patio, porch, or balcony without squinting into the sun or swatting mosquitoes? Retractable screens allow you to take control of your outdoor environment.

Bay Breeze Retractable offers custom retractable screens designed specifically for your unique outdoor space. We have installed thousands of screens across Central Florida over nearly 20 years in business.

Our team handles the entire process from design to permitting to installation, specializing in both manual and motorized systems. We use only the best materials to ensure durability and longevity in Florida’s climate.

Contact Bay Breeze Retractable today at (407) 881-4723 for a free estimate on retractable screens! Our experts are ready to help you enjoy outdoor living again.

Recessed Retractable Screens

One popular retractable screen option we install is recessed screens. These screens have a track that recesses into your home’s framing, keeping the system nearly flush to your wall when retracted.

Recessed retractable screens provide a clean, sleek aesthetic for your outdoor space. When extended, they offer the same protection and coverage as traditional retractable screens. But the recessed track makes them less visible and obstructive when not in use.

Bay Breeze Retractable handles the specialized installation process to seamlessly integrate recessed retractable screens on your home’s porches, patios, and lanais. Contact us to learn more about this contemporary screen option!

Orlando, FL Retractable Motorized Screen Types

Bay Breeze Retractable offers several types of motorized retractable screens ideal for Orlando area homes. We use only the highest quality components for flawless operation and longevity.

Vertically retracting motorized screens are designed for large openings, including patios, porches, and garages. These screens retract vertically, rolling up into a protective hood when not in use.

Horizontally retracting motorized screens provide a perfect solution for those looking to enhance their home and create an outdoor living area that’s easily adaptable to the changing environment. Mount to ceilings or overhead frameworks. They retract horizontally, sliding neatly out of sight. This option works well for covered patios and lanais.

In addition to traditional mesh screens, we also install motorized retractable solar shade screens to block sunlight while still allowing airflow. These systems reduce heat and glare for more comfortable outdoor relaxation.

With all our motorized screens, you have total control to extend or retract the screens whenever desired. Contact Bay Breeze Retractable to determine which option best suits your outdoor space!

Top Restaurants in Central Florida Use Motorized Retractable Shades to Enhance Comfort & Aesthetics Outdoors

Many top local restaurants utilize motorized retractable screens and shades to create an inviting ambiance outdoors. Controlling factors like sun glare, heat, and insects is key to guest comfort on patios and rooftop dining areas.

Retractable shade systems allow restaurants to adjust the environment as needed throughout the day and night. Extend screens to block the harsh midday sun, then retract them in the evening to showcase open-air views. Protect diners from occasional Florida showers, then reveal clear skies afterward.

Motorized functionality ensures screens transition smoothly at the touch of a button. Servers don’t have to manually adjust cumbersome screens between tables, allowing them to instead focus on superior customer service.

By installing retractable shades, restaurants boost guests’ enjoyment of al fresco and rooftop dining spaces. Contact Bay Breeze Retractable to outfit your Central Florida restaurant, cafe, or bar patio with porch screens for year-round service and an enhanced customer experience!

Perks of a Retractable Motorized Insect Screen Orlando Homeowners Appreciate

Retractable insect screens provide Orlando homeowners clear advantages over traditional window screens:

Protection from pests – Virtually invisible mesh keeps flies, mosquitos, and other insects out of your outdoor living space so you can relax pest-free.

Control with the touch of a button – Motorized functionality allows you to partially or fully extend/retract screens as needed.

Maintain views – Mesh screens have an open, see-through design when extended yet disappear out of sight when retracted. This maintains your outdoor views.

Custom coverage – We can design retractable insect screens to cover openings of all sizes, from single doors to 30-foot wide patios.

Durability – Our screens stand up to years of Florida’s intense sun, wind, and rain thanks to rigid aluminum frames and high-density mesh.

Give us a call today to discuss adding retractable insect screens to your Orlando area home!

Motorized Retractable Vinyl Panels

In addition to mesh screens, Bay Breeze Retractable offers motorized retractable vinyl panels. These solid vinyl sheets provide increased privacy, shade, and protection for breezy outdoor spaces.

The white vinyl panels reflect sunlight to prevent heat absorption into your home. Extend the vinyl panels to block UV rays and glare. Then, retract them to reveal open outdoor views with the click of a button.

The motorized operation makes these vinyl privacy panels easy to control. They disappear into protected casings when not in use. We can even outfit your screens with alternating mesh and solid vinyl panels to customize your coverage.

If you want shade and seclusion along with insect protection for your porch, patio, balcony, or lanai, ask about adding motorized retractable vinyl panels from Bay Breeze Retractable!

Retractable Screens for your Lanai

Lanais are commonplace outdoor living spaces in Central Florida homes. A lanai offers pleasant covered seating just steps from your home to enjoy the warm climate. However, rain, insects, and nosey neighbors can hinder relaxation on the lanai.

Retractable screens provide the perfect solution! Phantom retractable screens from Bay Breeze Retractable allow you to maintain visibility of your backyard while controlling privacy, sunlight, rainfall, and pests.

Motorized functionality makes it simple to adjust the screens a bit or fully retract them completely out of sight. Our custom lanai screens are designed to mount flush with the existing structure, keeping aesthetics consistent.

Installing retractable screens is an affordable way to get more enjoyment from your lanai. Protect your outdoor furniture investment while taking in garden views!

Contact Bay Breeze Retractable today to learn more about installing Phantom retractable screens on your Orlando area lanai. Take control over the climate and comfort of your covered patio!

Power Screens with the Click of a Button

What’s not to love about controlling your outdoor screens with the simple click of a button? Our motorized retractable screens allow you to adjust your covered patio, porch, or lanai environment instantly.

With handheld remote or wall-mounted controls, just push a button to activate the electric motor system. Lower screens to the desired height or retract them fully out of sight in seconds.

Motorized screens give you command over sun protection, airflow, views, insect protection, and privacy. Quickly adapt to changing conditions like shifting sun angles, passing showers, or mosquito swarms.

Powered screens prevent hassles like manually adjusting screens between patio furniture and plants. Servers also appreciate not having to move cumbersome screens to accommodate restaurant patrons.

For superior convenience, capability, and control over your outdoor space, install motorized retractable screens from the experts at Bay Breeze Retractable!

CALL TODAY FOR A FREE ESTIMATE To Buy Orlando Retractable Screens

Are you ready to take your outdoor living space to the next level? Call Bay Breeze Retractable today at (407) 881-4723 for a FREE estimate on retractable screens for your Orlando area home.

For nearly 20 years, we have specialized in custom screens in Orlando that stand up to Florida’s intense climate. As local residents ourselves, we know the exact solutions to common issues like sun glare, heavy rain, insects, and nosey neighbors.

Our team will provide expert recommendations tailored specifically for your unique outdoor space. We handle the entire process in-house, including permits, for a seamless experience from design to installation.

Bay Breeze Retractable offers a wide selection of premium mesh screens, shade fabrics, and vinyl panels. Choose from manual or motorized functionality. All our retractable screens are customized with durable, resilient materials built to last decades.

Take control over your outdoor relaxation and entertainment with retractable screens! Call today to schedule your free at-home estimate with our Orlando area screen experts.

Features of Orlando Motorized Shade Screens

motorized retractable shades

Motorized retractable shade screens from Bay Breeze Retractable offer homeowners superior control over their outdoor environment with these advantageous features:

â—ŹCustom sizing – We construct each unit to exactly fit your space, whether a small balcony or a 40-foot wide patio.

â—ŹPower operation – The electric motor allows you to adjust screens with the click of a remote instead of manual effort.

â—ŹVarious fabrics – Choose from shade meshes, solar screens, vinyl panels, and more. Mix and match within sets of screens!

â—ŹDiscreet storage – Screens retract horizontally or vertically into protected casings to maintain clean sightlines when not in use.

â—ŹDurability – Our screens stand up to years of intense sun, wind, rain, and storms thanks to quality craftsmanship.

â—ŹAutomation options – Add sensors to automatically react to sunlight brightness and wind speeds.

Take charge of your outdoor comfort! Call today to learn more about motorized retractable shade screens for your Orlando, FL, residence.

Sun Protection of Florida Can Install Your Orlando Sun Shade Screen

Bay Breeze Retractable partners with Sun Protection of Florida for superior shade screen installations that stand the test of time. Our licensed experts have been providing porch screen solutions for Orlando area homes and businesses for over 25 years, helping to protect against harmful UV rays and enhance outdoor living.

We custom-design each motorized sunshade screen specifically for your space. After taking exact measurements, we fabricate durable systems using industry-leading parts and materials. Our team handles the entire installation process including any needed permits.

All our shade screen systems are calibrated and tested extensively before we finalize the project. You can enjoy years of flawless performance thanks to our meticulous approach, premium materials, and experienced local technicians.

Trust Sun Protection of Florida powered by Bay Breeze Retractable for customized sunshade screen installations! Call today for your free estimate.

ELEVATE YOUR LIVING With Our Retractable Products

Take your outdoor living experience to new heights with retractable screens and shading systems from Bay Breeze Retractable! Our retractable products allow you to customize your environment on covered patios, porches, pergolas, balconies, and lanais.

Easily control factors like sunlight, ventilation, weather conditions, visibility, and insects with the push of a button. Maintain views from your outdoor space while managing heat, glare, and pests.

Bay Breeze Retractable handles the entire process of designing, permitting, and installing your custom retractable screens or powered shade systems. Our experts tailor each product to your unique specifications and home exterior.

Elevate outdoor living at your residence with our retractable patio products! Contact Bay Breeze Retractable today to schedule a free estimate.


Bay Breeze Retractable specializes in tailored retractable products designed around our clients’ needs and budgets. We custom-build each screen, shade, and awning to seamlessly integrate into your home’s architecture and surrounding landscape.

Our retractable systems are handcrafted locally using premium-grade aluminum and steel. Only the best mesh, vinyl, and shade fabrics stand up to Florida’s intense climate. We use Somfy motors and parts for whisper-quiet operation.

Since no two homes are alike, we tailor every aspect of our retractable products to your requirements. We collaborate with you on:

  • Exact measurements of your outdoor space
  • Mounting configuration – overhead or vertical
  • Manual or motorized functionality
  • Mesh, fabric, and color selection
  • Control options – remote, wall switch, wind/sun sensors

Trust Bay Breeze Retractable for completely customized retractable screens, shades, and awnings! Call today for your free design consultation.

Hurricane Screens and Shutters

Bay Breeze Retractable offers licensed hurricane protection screens and shutters designed specifically for Central Florida homes. Our systems meet stringent Florida Building Code requirements for windborne debris protection.

We have installed hurricane screens and shutters on hundreds of local homes and businesses over the past 15 years. Our fixed and retractable systems provide security and peace of mind during storm season.

Bay Breeze Retractable starts by assessing your home and identifying all openings requiring storm protection. We then engineer aluminum or steel screens backed by impact-resistant mesh. Each system is permanently mounted with structural anchors to meet wind speed requirements.

Protect your property and family with hurricane screens and shutters! Call Bay Breeze Retractable today for a free storm protection assessment.

Custom Made Products

Bay Breeze Retractable believes customization is key when it comes to retractable screens and shades. No two homes have the exact same openings, architecture, and style. So why install a one-size-fits-all screen?

We custom-tailor each screen and shade system to match the precise measurements of your outdoor space. This allows for flawless functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Our in-house design team works directly with you to understand your needs and preferences. We then craft durable systems from premium materials that integrate beautifully into your home’s design.

Bay Breeze Retractable handles the entire process from consultation to installation to provide a seamless experience. You can relax while enjoying your custom screened-in outdoor oasis!

Locally Owned and Operated since 2003

As a family-owned company, Bay Breeze Retractable takes immense pride in enhancing local homes with custom retractable screens and shading systems. Our Winter Park showroom displays various product demonstrations, including motorized porch screens that can transform any outdoor area.

Since 2003, Bay Breeze Retractable has installed thousands of screens across Central Florida. Our team has developed extensive expertise working on homes, restaurants, hotels, and theme parks in the Orlando area climate.

Owners Chuck and Christine Lapeters oversee each project with hands-on involvement. They instill high standards of quality craftsmanship and customer service within their talented team.

With nearly 20 years of improving Central Florida homes, Bay Breeze Retractable has built outstanding relationships across Orlando neighborhoods and surrounding communities. We look forward to helping your family enjoy outdoor living again soon!

Transform Your Space: Innovative Retractable Screens for Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living

Retractable screens from Bay Breeze Retractable transform ordinary outdoor spaces into comfortable living areas perfect for entertaining or everyday relaxation. Our innovative screens fully enclose or reveal your patio, porch, balcony, and lanai – all with the push of a button.

Large Openings

When dealing with generously sized outdoor spaces, retractable screens prove far superior to fixed screens in providing adjustable protection. Opening widths beyond 12 feet present challenges for conventional screens in terms of accessibility, views, and ventilation.

Retractable systems specially constructed to cover large openings allow for versatility in managing sunlight, airflow, privacy screens, and insect control. With the ability to partially or fully retract the screens out of sight, you maintain visibility of your patio, porch, or lanai surroundings. The flexibility to adjust the screens as needed also promotes airflow to prevent an enclosed feeling.

We have designed retractable screens spanning 30 feet wide and 16 feet tall to accommodate room-sized outdoor living areas and garage entrances. The rigid, robust frames withstand intense wind loads while locking securely in place when extended.

Let our screen experts tailor a durable retractable system specifically for your large patio, porch, balcony, or lanai space!


How much should retractable screens cost?

Retractable screen pricing depends on the dimensions of your outdoor space, frame material, and manual vs motorized functionality. On average, you can expect to invest $3,000 to $6,500 for a professionally installed system. Larger units with upgraded motors cost $6,500+. Consider value over just the initial price when choosing a screens & installation company.

Are retractable screens a good idea?

Absolutely! Retractable screens provide superior versatility over fixed screens for outdoor spaces. Maintain views & airflow by retracting screens out of sight. Extend only when you want insect protection, shade, or privacy. Adjust manually or at the click of a remote button.

Do retractable screens last?

Yes, high-quality retractable screens stand the test of time! As local Central Florida experts, we use robust aluminum and stainless steel frames paired with durable screen mesh engineered specifically to withstand sun, wind, and storms. With proper installation and periodic maintenance, retractable screens last for decades.

How much are phantom screens?

As an authorized Phantom Screens dealer, Bay Breeze Retractable provides Phantom brand retractable screen products to Central Florida homes. Phantom leads the industry in quality, durability, and functionality. Their screens typically range from $5,000 to $15,000 installed. Call us for exact pricing tailored to your space!

How expensive are retractable screens?

Retractable screen systems from Bay Breeze Retractable range anywhere from $3,000 to $25,000 installed based on custom dimensions and materials needed for your unique space. On average, most homeowners invest $5,000 to $8,000 in Orlando motorized retractable screen solutions for their patio, porch, balcony, or lanai to protect their homes and create an inviting outdoor living space.

Are retractable window screens worth it?

Absolutely! For windows specifically, retractable screens provide much greater accessibility compared to fixed screens when you want to open windows for ventilation. Retracting screens is also safer and cleaner than having to constantly remove window screens.

How much does Home Depot charge to install a retractable screen door?

Home Depot does NOT actually install retractable screens. They only sell basic DIY manual screen kits without custom sizing or expert installation. For a flawless motorized retractable screen solution backed by nearly 20 years of local experience, trust Bay Breeze Retractable instead!

What are the cons of retractable screens?

The only potential drawback is improper installation by amateur technicians. Retractable screens involve specialized mounting and calibration for smooth operation and longevity. Working with professional installers is critical. Bay Breeze Retractable’s highly skilled team expertly constructs and fits retractable screens to meet Florida building codes.

How long do phantom screens last?

As an elite Phantom Screens dealer, we confidently install Phantom brand retractable screens to stand the test of time. Made with the highest-grade materials and technology, Phantom’s screens come backed by a limited lifetime warranty on the framework. We further back installations with 5-year workmanship warranties.

How much are phantom doors?

Phantom retractable door screens from Bay Breeze Retractable range from $2,500 to $4,000 installed. Frame size, motorization, and supplemental features affect overall pricing. Phantom makes the longest-lasting retractable door screens on the market, built to withstand decades of use.

Do phantom screens keep the heat in?

Phantom brand vinyl strip screens effectively insulate outdoor spaces from cold drafts. Multi-layer vinyl strips prevent indoor heat loss far more effectively than single mesh screens. Contact us to learn more about insulating vinyl strip screens for your outdoor enclosure!

How long do retractable screens last?

Properly installed retractable screens from Bay Breeze Retractable are built to last for decades! We exclusively use the most durable framework materials and screen fabrics engineered specifically for Florida’s intense climate. We also back installations with manufacturer & workmanship warranties for further peace of mind.

How durable are retractable screens?

Our retractable screens are extremely durable and designed to permanently withstand sun, wind, storms, and years of regular use. We ensure this by: 1) Using only the strongest aluminum & stainless steel frames 2) Pairing with ultra-high-density screen mesh 3) Performing intensive calibrations pre-installation 4) Providing ongoing maintenance.

Are retractable screens worth it?

Absolutely! Retractable screens provide superior versatility over fixed screens. Maintain views by retracting screens out of sight. Extend only when you want shade, privacy, or insect protection. Easily control screens manually or with motorized automation. Added convenience and enjoyment of your outdoor living space make retractable screens a worthwhile investment.

Are retractable fly screens any good?

At Bay Breeze Retractable, we exclusively install high-quality retractable fly screens designed specifically for Florida’s climate. Our fly screens stand up to intense heat, humidity, and storms thanks to robust construction. Custom-tailored dimensions and expert installation also ensure flawless functionality. Give us a call to experience superb retractable fly screens for your home!

Are you considering enhancing your outdoor living space with a retractable screen?

Retractable screens provide the ultimate way to expand and enhance your outdoor living area! With retractable screens from Bay Breeze Retractable, easily controls privacy, views, sunlight, rainfall, airflow, and insects, while also protecting your home from harmful UV rays. Create a seamlessly integrated extended living space perfect for relaxing, entertaining, and more. Call us today to learn more about improving your outdoor enjoyment with retractable screens!

Are you looking to add a screen to your garage?

Transforming your garage into a usable living area provides valuable expanded space at a fraction of the cost versus adding on. However, Florida’s climate brings challenges in making garages comfortable year-round. Retractable screens allow you to quickly enclose your garage to prevent dust and pests while still allowing quick access. Screens also provide essential shade and airflow when working in the garage with doors open. Maximize the usefulness of your garage space with tailored retractable screens!

Are you looking to create the perfect outdoor retreat right in your own backyard?

Take your outdoor living capabilities to extraordinary new heights with retractable screens and shading systems from Bay Breeze Retractable! Our innovative products seamlessly integrate into your existing outdoor architecture, providing protection and privacy while maintaining outward views and ventilation when you want it. With the ability to manually or automatically control your screens, you can quickly adapt to shifting sun, wind, and temperatures. Start & end each day relaxing in your backyard oasis!

Are you looking to transform your outdoor living space into an oasis that your family and house guests will love for years to come?

Don’t just imagine the backyard oasis of your dreams – make it a reality with retractable outdoor screens and shading systems from Bay Breeze Retractable! We completely customize elegant screening solutions to match your home’s architecture and landscape while providing protection from sun glare, rainfall, insects, and nosey neighbors as needed. With motorized screens operating smoothly at the click of a remote, you easily control your personal climate for outdoor living at its absolute finest and protect your home from harmful UV rays.

Are you ready to enjoy your patio, porch, or balcony, but the scorching sun is making it hard to be out for too long?

Motorized retractable sun shades create comfortable outdoor living spaces even during Florida’s hottest weather! With weather-resistant shade fabrics and push-button controls, you can easily manage heat and sunlight exposure on your patio, porch, or balcony. Create the perfect balance of shaded & open-air relaxation. Call Bay Breeze Retractable today to start enjoying your outdoor living area year-round!

Are you tired of mosquitoes getting to spend more time on your patio than you do, or squinting into the sun when you are trying to enjoy your morning coffee, or are the neighbors just a little too close for comfort?

Retractable screens are the solution you’ve been waiting for! Phantom retractable screens from Bay Breeze Retractable allow you to take control of privacy, views, sunlight, airflow, and insects on your patio, balcony, or lanai. Enjoy pest-free relaxation without sacrificing outward visibility when screens are retracted. With customizable mesh and machine-washable fabrics, savor al fresco living again!

Do you offer commercial motorized solar screens?

Absolutely! Bay Breeze Retractable provides premium motorized solar shade screen systems designed specifically for commercial applications like restaurants and resorts. We tailor our screens to handle high-traffic areas, integrating flawlessly into both modern and traditional building aesthetics. With remote and sensor controls, quickly adjust screens to manage sunlight, visibility, airflow, and ambiance. Call today for your free quote!

Do you service areas outside of Orlando?

While our Bay Breeze Retractable showroom and installation crews are based in Orlando, we have installed retractable screens across many Central Florida locales, including Tampa, Daytona Beach, Melbourne Beach, St. Augustine, Titusville, and more. Call us to discuss projects anywhere within 150 miles of Orlando!

Does the Orlando sun and pesky insects ruin your time on your patio?

Don’t let Florida’s intense sunlight and swarming insects chase you back inside! Bay Breeze Retractable offers custom retractable screens, allowing you to reclaim your outdoor living space. With protective mesh screens that disappear out of sight when not needed, enjoy clear views without pests. Say goodbye to blinding glare and irksome bugs – call today for your outdoor oasis!

How do I clean my Orlando rolling retractable sunscreen?

Bay Breeze Retractable uses only the most durable shade fabrics designed to withstand Florida’s intense climate. While our screens resist mold, mildew, and particles themselves, occasional spot cleaning rejuvenates materials. Gently remove loose debris with a brush. Mix mild detergent with warm water in a bucket then scrub fabric gently with a soft-bristle scrub brush. Rinse thoroughly and air dry. Call us for fabric cleaning product recommendations!

How much does a motorized retractable screen cost?

On average, you can expect to spend $3,500 to $8,500 to have Bay Breeze Retractable professionally installed custom motorized retractable screens for your Orlando area home. Pricing varies based on dimensions, mounting style, fabric, and frame selections. Call us for exact pricing that is fully customized to your unique outdoor space!

Large Opening VS Motorized Retractable Screens: Which is Better?

Motorized retractable screens excel at covering wide openings that fixed screens simply cannot span without major visibility and accessibility issues. Openings beyond 12 feet wide and 8 feet tall present challenges for fixed screens in providing entry access without disassembly. Retractable systems conveniently clear these large openings when retracted. We regularly install motorized retractable screens over 30-foot wide patio and porch spaces!

Looking to elevate your restaurant’s outdoor space with a smart investment?

Retractable screens provide restaurants with superior environmental control over outdoor seating areas. With motorized screens that seamlessly disappear out of sight when not needed, they quickly adapt to shifting sun, temperature, wind, and rain conditions. Create the perfect al fresco ambiance no matter the weather with tailored retractable screens! Call Bay Breeze Retractable to start boosting customer enjoyment today.

Motorized Screens Cost: Are They Worth It?

Motorized retractable screens carry a higher upfront investment over manual versions, averaging $1,500 to $3,500 more. However, convenience and performance justify the added cost over decades of flawless use. With whisper-quiet electric operation, instantly adjust screens at the click of a remote instead of manual effort. Automate screen deployment with sun and wind sensors. We use only premium Somfy motors for guaranteed longevity. Call today for a quote!

Retractable Screen Door VS Storm Door: Which is Better?

Retractable screen doors provide greater visibility, multi-season functionality, and easier operation compared to storm doors. Storm doors feature thick glass or plastic panes obscuring views when closed. Retractable screens offer insect protection with the ability to disappear into doorframes or casings when you want an unobstructed view. No more switching fixed screens and glass inserts!

I’m not sure which options to go with, wavering between 2 mesh types, curious about how they operate, and want to see the 4 different installation styles in person?

We encourage customers to view retractable screen options and gallery to see retractable screen product demonstrations firsthand before committing! Compare mesh and fabric types side-by-side. Test remote-controlled and sensor-driven motors. Identify the right mounting configuration for your home. Seeing the systems in action removes all doubt while building excitement about installation day! Call us to schedule your visit.

What Are Retractable Shades?

Retractable shades provide movable coverings that protect against sun exposure while preserving outward visibility when open. Also called retractable sun shades or solar shades, the screens feature weather-resistant fabric instead of mesh, blocking sunlight while allowing airflow and protecting against harmful UV rays. Custom-fit for overhead and vertical installations on patios, porches, pergolas, balconies & beyond!

What Type of Retractable Screens should I install in my Orlando home?

Bay Breeze Retractable provides retractable screens that are ideal for every Orlando area home. Enclose a porch or patio to make a bug-free outdoor living room. Protect entries from blowing debris while maintaining a breeze. Control privacy and views on balconies and lanais. We have installed thousands of custom screens across Central Florida since 2003 – call us to determine the perfect screens for your home!

What are Outdoor Patio Screens?

Outdoor patio screens provide a ceiling-to-floor or wall-to-wall coverage that transforms ordinary patios into enjoyable living spaces protected from sun, wind, rain, and insects. Phantom retractable patio screens from Bay Breeze Retractable offer versatility over fixed screens with the ability to open or close off the area as desired. Durable frames and mesh stand up to years of use!

Why Consider Adding a Motorized Retractable Screen to Your Central Florida Home?

Motorized retractable screens provide Central Florida homeowners superior control over their outdoor relaxation destinations. With the whisper-quiet electric operation, easily adjust screens via a remote control instead of disruptive manual effort. Automate screen deployment to react to sunlight and wind conditions. Take charge of your outdoor comfort!

Why buy Phantom retractable screens?

As an authorized dealer, Bay Breeze Retractable provides the unparalleled quality of Phantom retractable screens designed to last for decades in Florida’s harsh climate. Phantom leads the industry with innovative screens featuring rigid, resilient frames and specialty technical mesh engineered to withstand intense sun, wind, and storms. Expect flawless performance thanks to their state-of-the-art precision and our expert installation!

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