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Experts Opinion on Retractable Screens in Orlando

Retractable Screens in Orlando fl

Experts Opinion on Retractable Screens in Orlando


Living in sunny Orlando means a lot of sunshine and beautiful days outside. But at the same time, spending time outside means dealing with blinding sunlight, bugs, and a lack of privacy in your home. Retractable screens are a great solution to these common problems for Orlando homeowners. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right retractable screens for your needs? We talked to experts at Bay Breeze Retractable Awnings & Screens and Orlando home designers to get their take. Please keep reading for their tips and recommendations!

Benefits of Retractable Screens

Retractable screens provide several advantages over traditional screen doors and windows. Here are some of the top benefits, according to our experts:

Keep Bugs Out

Retractable screens create a barrier between your home and annoying flying insects like mosquitos, flies, wasps, and bees. They prevent bugs from entering when doors and windows open for fresh air. The screens retract out of sight when not needed.

Prevent Entry of Mosquitos

Mosquitos are prevalent in Florida and can enter homes through open doors and windows. Retractable screens provide a protective barrier against mosquitos to prevent bites while allowing fresh air flow.

Keep Out Annoying Flies

Flies are drawn to food and can quickly infest a home when doors are left open. Retractable screens block flies from flying inside to keep your house pest-free.

Stop Wasps and Bees

Stinging insects like wasps and bees can sneak into a home through cracks and seams. Retractable screens seal off entry points to avoid unpleasant encounters with these insects inside.

Allow Fresh Air Circulation

Unlike permanent screens, retractable screens can open completely out of the way. This allows fresh breezes to ventilate your home while keeping insects out when extended across openings.

Retract Out of Sight

Retractable screens provide insect protection when needed and retract into a hidden cassette when unused. This preserves your home’s beautiful views while maintaining the ability to block bugs.

Provide Shade

One of the major benefits of retractable screens is their ability to provide shade from the intense Florida sun. When extended outward, the screens create a barrier that blocks up to 90% of ultraviolet rays from entering through windows and doors.

This shading effect helps significantly cool a home’s interior during hot Orlando summers. Retractable screens can reduce reliance on air conditioning on hottest days by preventing direct sun exposure.

UV rays can damage and fade furnishings over time. Its extended retractable screens shelter indoor furniture, carpets, and fabrics from the harshest effects of the sun. This helps maintain the beautiful look of couches, curtains, and other items.

Excess sun exposure can also damage flooring materials. Hardwoods can cup or buckle, while laminates and vinyl planks can discolor and warp. Keeping retractable screens closed filters sunlight and protects floors from these issues.

Retractable screens allow homeowners to control just how much sunlight enters a room. Extend them to block unwanted glare and heat, or retract them when some sun is desired. This ability to regulate sunlight and UV levels makes retractable screens highly valued in sunny central Florida.

Block Harmful UV Rays

The sun in Florida is intense, with high levels of UV radiation. Extended retractable screens act as a barrier to block up to 90% of UV rays from entering your home.

Keep Interiors Cooler

Blocking direct sunlight helps maintain cooler temperatures indoors in hot Orlando summers. Retractable screens reduce the need for air conditioning during peak sun hours.

Protect Furnishings from Fading

Fabrics and leather can fade when exposed to constant sunlight. They keep screens extended and shelter indoor furnishings from the harshest sun damage.

Prevent Discoloration of Floors

Hardwood, laminate, and other flooring types can discolor, warp, or buckle from Florida’s harsh sunlight. Retractable screens diffuse sunlight to protect floors.

Control Sun Exposure

Retractable screens allow control over how much sun enters a room. Keep them extended when shade is desired, and retract them when you want sunlight.

Increase Privacy

Unlike regular screens, retractable screens give you the choice of when you want sunlight, outside views, or privacy. Close the screens for blocking visibility when desired.

Control Views In and Out

With fixed screens, your home’s interior is always visible to outsiders. Retractable screens let you regulate whether you want to block views in and out for more control over privacy.

Provide Privacy When Needed

Just extend your retractable screens for instant privacy for gatherings like backyard barbeques or impromptu dance parties. When the party’s over, retract them to restore your open outdoor views.

Reduce Need for Curtains and Blinds

Unlike permanent screens that require extra window treatments for privacy, retractable screens provide selective seclusion from your screen material. No need for heavy drapes over already-screened windows!

Hide Valuables from View

Closed retractable screens prevent prying eyes from spotting your new TV, computer, or other enticing items through open windows. Keep screens extended when away to obscure interior views and boost security.

Adjust Privacy and Views

Retractable screens give homeowners the best of both worlds. Open them to enjoy sunlight and outward views, or close them for privacy and seclusion. Control your indoor exposure with the press of a button!

As you can see, there are many benefits to installing retractable screens.

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