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Central Florida Retractable Screens in Orlando, FL for Outdoor Living

Retractable Screens in Orlando

Central Florida Retractable Screens in Orlando, FL for Outdoor Living

Retractable screen systems enhance outdoor spaces across Central Florida by blocking glare, heat, and bugs at the touch of a button. Offering protection from the elements, motorized retractable screens allow you to comfortably enjoy fresh air in your patio, pool, or lanai almost year-round. Read on to learn why retractable screens are a must-have upgrade for Orlando area homes.

Retractable Screens for Orlando and all of Central Florida

With over 300 days of sunshine annually, Central Florida is a haven for outdoor living. However, the intense sunlight, heat, rain, and bugs often hinder enjoying patios and lanais here in Orlando, necessitating retractable products. Retractable screens are the solution for Florida homes!

Professionally installed retractable screens from Bay Breeze Screens of Orlando allow you to expand your livable space outdoors while controlling your environment. At the push of a remote button or wall switch, the screens quietly descend to keep out whatever is interfering with your comfort, then retract out of sight when not needed, making them an essential addition to any custom outdoor retractable system.

These customizable systems effectively block up to 97% of UV rays, glare, heat, wind, and small insects so you can enjoy fresh air without sacrifices. Retractable screens have grown hugely popular among Orlando area restaurants and residences for creating versatile outdoor living areas almost year-round.

Bay Breeze Screens offers retractable systems professionally installed to match any shape opening – from small to extremely large. With various screen material options, you can tailor protection for sun, visibility, ventilation, and privacy. Investing in retractable screens helps you get the most from your outdoor space!

How to Choose the Right Retractable Screens in Orlando, FL

The benefits you’ll enjoy from retractable screens depend greatly on choosing the best systems for your unique needs. With over 19 years of experience providing phantom screens in Orlando, Bay Breeze Screens guides you in selecting ideal features like:

  • Location—Patio, pool enclosure, balcony, lanai, outdoor kitchen, etc. Consider visibility, ventilation, and exposure in each area.
  • Opening Size – Measure width, height, and configuration for a custom fit.
  • Screen Material – Solar, sun & bug, breezy, crystal clear options with varying protection levels.
  • Features – Manual or motorized retraction, remote/app control, sensors, wind resistance.
  • Frame Type – Surface or recessed mounting to match your home’s aesthetics, available in Florida.

We carry an extensive selection of superior-quality retractable screens to suit any residential or commercial setting in the Central Florida area. Based on precise measurements and an understanding of your priorities, we recommend the optimal systems to transform your space.

Recessed Retractable Screens

Recessed retractable screens integrate flush into surfaces when opened for a seamless look that preserves your outdoor living area’s beautiful aesthetics. Guide tracks recess into surrounding soffits, floors, or ceiling cavities. Then, the screen emerges as needed to provide protection right up to the edge of openings.

Recessed screens remain virtually invisible when retracted, so they don’t detract from desirable views, perfect for Central Florida homes. No bulky housing units or visible tracks interfere with clear sightlines or sleek architecture. These systems elegantly blend protection and versatility without imposition.

Integrating phantom screens directly into structural surrounds also provides a cleaner, low-profile appearance when deployed compared to surface-mounted options. Recessed screens even accommodate the largest opening sizes to shelter expansive outdoor spaces without clutter.

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Motorized Retractable Screens

Take your outdoor living experience to the next level with Orlando motorized retractable screens operated at the push of a button. Eliminate the hassle of manual screens requiring homeowner muscle power to open and close. Let small electric motors do the heavy lifting so you can instantly adjust your environment from the comfort of patio furniture.

Motorized retractable screen systems offer effortless control, expanding and optimizing outdoor usage:

  • Convenience – Open or close screens with a simple wall switch or handheld remote instead of cranks or pulls.
  • Adjustability – Stop screens at any point to regulate sunlight, ventilation, and visibility.
  • Automation – Programmable timers automatically deploy screens when desired.
  • Speed – Electric motors rapidly open and close even the largest screens.
  • Effortless – Ideal for homeowners unable to operate manual options.

Treat yourself to the ease and immediacy of motorized screens! Why tolerate weather and insect annoyances another minute when you could retract protection at your fingertips?

Features Of Motorized Retractable Screens As Compared to Simple Shade Screens

Retractable screen systems powered by electric motors provide far more control, protection, and longevity than basic manually operated screens, especially when installed in Florida. Benefits of motorized retractable screens include:

  • Total Adjustability – Raise or lower to any height to customize visibility, airflow, temperature, and shade as conditions change. Lock securely in place with side channels.
  • Broad Protection—Specialty screen fabrics specifically address sun, glare, UV rays, wind, rain protection, and insect control.
  • Automation – Programmable timers, remotes, and wall switches make operation effortless. Even integrate with smart home systems.
  • Durability—The robust extruded aluminum housing withstands weather exposure and protects screens when retracted. It is far tougher than shade sail materials and suitable for custom outdoor retractable solutions.
  • Customization – Available in limitless sizes, colors, and mounting options for flawless integration.
  • Warranties – Backed by up to limited lifetime warranties on hardware and screens.

Get the most from outdoor living with the total adjustability and protection of motorized retractable screens! Contact Bay Breeze Screens of Orlando for a free estimate.

Enhance Your Outdoor Lifestyle with Motorized Screens from Bay Breeze Retraceables

For years, Bay Breeze Screens of Greater Orlando has provided retractable screens to enhance patios, pools, balconies, outdoor kitchens, and lanais across the region. As the authorized dealer for Phantom Screens’ superior products, we carry an extensive selection of manual and motorized systems to transform your outdoor living space.

Our knowledgeable team provides complimentary site evaluations to determine ideal retractable screens that address your unique needs, opening measurements, and style preferences. We help select durable frame finishes and specialty screen materials that block sun, glare, wind, and insects. Then, we professionally install your customized phantom screens with minimal disruption to your home or business.

Bay Breeze Screens offers a full range of retractable screen solutions:

  • Solar Screens – Block heat and UV rays while preserving visibility.
  • Sun & Bug Screens – Keep out insects while reducing sunlight and glare.
  • Crystal Clear Screens offer optimal outdoor visibility with breeze and insect control, making them ideal for Central Florida homes.
  • Motorized Screens – Adjust protection instantly at the touch of a button.
  • Recessed Screens – Integrate screens discreetly into structural surrounds.
  • Hurricane Screens – Withstand heavy winds, rain, and storms.

Invest in retractable screens from the proven experts at Bay Breeze Screens of Orlando! Contact us for a free estimate to enhance your outdoor living.

Sun Protection of Florida Can Install Your Orlando Sun Shade Screen and Large Openings

The team at Bay Breeze Screens of Orlando, shares commitment to providing retractable screens that enhance outdoor living. Our skilled technicians professionally install the full range of Phantom Screens products to the highest standards.

With advanced training specific to Phantom Screens installation, our experts handle the entire process from planning through completion. Services we provide include:

  • Site Evaluation – We verify measurements and structural requirements for custom screens.
  • Permitting – We submit required permit applications for screen installations.
  • Installation – Meticulous mounting of tracks, housing units, motors, and screens.
  • Integration – Seamless incorporation into surrounding infrastructure.
  • Testing and Adjustment – Confirm flawless screen operation.

Sun Protection of Florida services Orlando area homes and businesses of all sizes and architectural styles. We have vast experience installing retractable screens on small patios up to massive screens spanning 30+ feet wide. Motorized screens, recessed applications, and architectural finishes are specialties.

Rely on our seasoned technicians for expert installation of custom phantom retractable screens to enhance your outdoor living space. Contact us for a free quote!

Comparing Different Varieties and Screen Types Like Remote Control Awnings, Powers Screens, Hurricane Screens and Retractable Vinyl Panels

Beyond standard insect screens on windows and doors, retractable screen systems take protection, privacy, and comfort to the next level. Phantom Screens offers retractable screens optimally engineered to address specific needs:

  • Solar Window Screens can reflect away up to 90% of heat from intense sunlight while reducing glare, preserving desirable views.
  • Crystal Clear Vinyl Screens—Optically clear screens maintain visibility while blocking wind, debris, and insects. They are perfect for any Florida home and create an outdoor living space.
  • Breezy Screening – Specialized weave improves airflow for comfort on still days.
  • Pet Resistant Screens – Durable screens withstand damage from animal paws and claws.
  • Pool and Patio Screens – Provide safety, privacy, and insect control for optimal outdoor relaxation.
  • Hurricane Wind Screens – Understand exposure to storms, gales, and heavy weather events.
  • Motorized Screens – Adjust protection instantly at the touch of a button.

With a vast selection of specialty screen materials and retractable systems, we can customize solutions that specifically meet your needs for any opening in your home and create an outdoor living space. Contact Bay Breeze Screens of Orlando to determine your ideal options!

Perks of a Retractable Motorized Insect Screen Orlando

Warm Central Florida weather brings residents outdoors to embrace our abundant sunshine. But the pesky insects buzzing around can quickly diminish the enjoyment of patios, pools, and lanais in your Central Florida home. Retractable insect screens provide effective, convenient barrier protection.

Motorized retractable insect screens from Bay Breeze Screens of Orlando offer home and business owners perks, including:

  • Protection – Block tiny insects like mosquitos, no-see-ums, and flies so you can relax outdoors.
  • Convenience – Electronically operate screens at the touch of a button without leaving your seat.
  • Visibility – Crystal clear screen options maintain views while controlling bugs.
  • Adjustability – Lower screens only when bugs are bothersome.
  • Versatility – Use spaces bug-free after dusk when insects emerge.
  • Discretion – Screens retract out of sight when not needed.

Take back your outdoor living areas from bothersome biting and stinging insects! Invest in motorized retractable bug screens from the experts at Bay Breeze Screens of Orlando.

Contact Us For a Free Estimate To Buy Custom Made Products And Expert Installation

Are you ready to take control of your outdoor environment with retractable screens that allow you to enjoy fresh air comfortably? Contact Bay Breeze Screens of Greater Orlando today for a free at-home consultation!

For years, we have been experts in selecting and installing the optimal systems to solve unique issues like heat, glare, wind, and insects in your home. Motorized and recessed screens are our specialties.

Our knowledgeable team will evaluate your space, existing infrastructure, aesthetic priorities, and protection needs. We help determine ideal dimensions, mounting approaches, durable finishes, and specialty screen materials that will flawlessly integrate into your architecture and lifestyle.

Bay Breeze Screens offers fast turnaround times and stands behind all retractable screen products with limited lifetime warranties on hardware. Contact us to enhance your outdoor living!

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