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How to Choose the Right Retractable Screens in Orlando FL

for superior durability and performance in Orlando's intense climate, fiberglass mesh is an excellent choice for retractable screens exposed to sun, rain, and humidity year-round.

How to Choose the Right Retractable Screens in Orlando FL

Retractable screens in Orlando come in various types, so choose the right ones for your needs. Here are some factors to consider, according to our experts:

Retractable Screen Material

Fiberglass retractable screens are lightweight and durable in Orlando’s humid climate. For coastal areas, stainless steel resists corrosion from the salt air. There are also solar screen fabrics that further reduce heat and glare.

Durable Fiberglass Mesh

Fiberglass is an ideal retractable screen material for Florida’s hot, humid climate. The fiberglass mesh maintains its strength and resiliency in high heat and moisture. Unlike some materials that sag, fiberglass mesh stays taut and provides a durable barrier against flying insects.

Even after years of use, the rugged fiberglass won’t fray or tear from regular operation and exposure to weather. Tiny insect-repelling holes in the mesh remain intact, preventing flies, mosquitos, and gnats from sneaking through tears that can develop in lower-quality mesh over time.

Fiberglass mesh is also lightweight yet strong. It adds minimal weight to retractable screen assemblies, allowing smooth operation and easy raising and lowering. With strong tensile strength, the fiberglass mesh stays firmly stretched across large openings.

Since fiberglass lacks an affinity for water, it resists mold and mildew growth, which can occur with other mesh materials in damp climates. This makes maintenance easy, with just an occasional wiping down to keep the mesh fresh and clean.

So, for superior durability and performance in Orlando’s intense climate, fiberglass mesh is an excellent choice for retractable screens exposed to sun, rain, and humidity year-round.

Stainless Steel in Coastal Areas

For beachfront homes, stainless steel is the ideal screen material to withstand the corrosive salt air. Stainless steel resists rust for long-lasting performance in oceanfront conditions.

Fabric Solar Screens

When extra shading is desired, solar screen fabrics are a great option. Made from materials that further block sunlight, solar screens keep rooms cooler and reduce glare.

View-Preserving Superfine Mesh

Superfine mesh uses thinner woven stainless steel or fiberglass for clear outward views. The incredibly fine mesh keeps out even tiny insects yet is barely visible from inside.

Match Frame Finish

With fiberglass and stainless steel screens available in various colors, you can select a mesh that matches your window frames for a cohesive, built-in look when retracted.

Long-Lasting Construction

Both fiberglass and stainless steel offer superior strength and weather resistance. These rugged, high-quality materials will provide lasting performance for years to come.


Motorized retractable screens offer homeowners effortless control and advanced functionality. With motorization, screens glide open or closed at the touch of a button rather than needing to be manually operated.

Motors are especially helpful for hard-to-reach screens installed in tricky locations like tall cathedral ceilings, second-story windows, and above staircases. Use a remote control or wall switch to conveniently access screens that normally require awkward cranking or pulling.

Many motorized screens can integrate with smart home platforms, allowing control through voice commands, phone apps, and home automation systems. This makes operation seamless. For instance, say, “Alexa, open the living room screen” to retract the motorized screens for an unobstructed view.

Some motorized screens have light sensors that automatically adjust the screens according to the sun’s changing angles throughout the day. These sun-tracking screens block harsh sunlight when needed but open when shade isn’t required.

In addition to convenience, motorization provides security benefits. When away from home, homeowners can close motorized screens to make the house look occupied and obscure views of belongings. This simple remote action can deter potential thieves.

For Orlando’s sunny climate, motorized retractable screens are the ultimate choice for accessibility, automation, protection, and control.

Automated with Remote Control

With just the click of the remote, motorized screens smoothly glide open or close on command. No more fussing with cords or cranks to operate screens, especially those hard to reach manually. Remote operation is super convenient for today’s busy homeowners.

Integration with Smart Home Systems

You can control motorized screens via voice commands, phone apps, and home automation systems by integrating motorized screens with smart home platforms. With a simple “Alexa, open the patio screens,” your screens retract open without lifting a finger.

Automatic Sun Tracking

Some advanced motorized screens have light sensors that adjust the screens according to the sun’s changing position. This provides sun protection and privacy precisely when needed as the sunlight shifts throughout the day.

Control Hard-to-Reach Screens

Motorization allows easy remote access to tricky screens installed on angled ceilings, second-story windows, and other hard-to-reach spots. No more precarious maneuvers with poles and hooks!

Enhanced Security

When away from home, closing motorized screens remotely makes it appear someone is home. This added peace of mind enhances the security of your unattended house.

Convenience and Accessibility

With motorized screens, there is no more struggling to operate screens manually. Just push a button for carefree control. Motorization also helps those with disabilities use screens with total ease.


Ensure your screens are professionally measured and installed for proper fit and optimum performance. Bay Breeze offers free in-home consultations.

Professional Measurement

● Precisely measure all dimensions of windows, doors, and openings using laser tools for accuracy.

● Customize screens to fit perfectly based on opening sizes and shapes

● Include details like window crank clearance and window trim depth

Proper Installation

● Securely anchor heavy-duty mounting brackets into the structural framing

● Attach guide tracks straight and level for smooth screen operation

● Adjust frame assembly for plumb and square installations

● Seal any openings for maximum insect protection

Achieve Full Coverage

● Cover the entire opening from edge to edge when extended

● Cut screens to exactly fit irregular openings

● Seal side tracks to keep insects out around the perimeter

Test Operation and Adjust

● Open and close screens multiple times, checking for alignment

● Adjust the tension so the mesh is taut when extended but retracts easily

● Lubricate tracks and mechanisms before final testing

Evaluate Environment

● Consider the amount of sun exposure, ventilation needs, visibility

● Factor in potential privacy concerns from neighbors

● Optimize screens for seasonal conditions and room usage

Ongoing Service

● Provide timely cleaning, adjustments, lubrication, and repairs

● Offer maintenance plans and service contracts for continued peak performance

● Perform routine operational inspections to spot potential issues proactively

Expert Opinions from Local Companies

We got great insights on retractable screens from two Orlando-area experts:

Bay Breeze Retractable Awnings & Screens

Motorization allows you to control your screens with a remote or app. This gives you shading when you need it with the press of a button. We offer Somfy motors that integrate with smart home systems and provide the reliability that Florida’s weather demands.

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

Bay Breeze uses high-grade materials like fiberglass and stainless steel mesh with durable powder-coated aluminum frames. Their skilled technicians provide top-notch installation.

Motorization Expertise

With over 20 years in the business, Bay Breeze has extensive experience properly installing and programming motorized screens to meet each customer’s needs.

Local Company

Bay Breeze is familiar with Orlando’s climate and homes as a family-owned local business. They tailor solutions directly for Central Florida.

Broad Smart Home Integration

Bay Breeze offers screen motors that can integrate with all major smart home platforms for total automation and control.

Ongoing Maintenance and Service

As an established local company, Bay Breeze provides lasting service and maintenance to keep screens functioning optimally.

Free In-Home Consultations

They offer free in-home visits to assess your space and provide recommendations from their retractable screen expert.


Retractable screens are a great way for Orlando homeowners to enjoy their outdoor spaces better. Keeping out bugs, providing shade, and increasing privacy fully allow you to utilize your patios, pools, and gardens. Consult with retractable screen experts in Orlando to find the ideal screens to match your home’s needs and style. With proper selection and installation, retractable screens are an excellent addition to any Orlando residence.

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